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Startup Class Winter 2022

Social and Health

Social & Health

This Startup Class is a project-based winter school from 14th until 25th March 2022 where you’ll learn to think and act like an entrepreneur and acquire important skills for career and life.

Due to the current healthcare crisis in Europe, we dedicate this Startup Class to urgently needed solutions in health and crisis management. Mentors from Diakonie Deutschland will support us in this course.

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For over a week there has been war in Ukraine. For over a week, Ukrainians have been resisting the Russian invasion. We condemn the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine. Our heartfelt solidarity is with the Ukrainian people.

Startup Class March 2022

You and your team will go from idea to solution over the intense course of 2 weeks, 5 days a week. Your goal will be to help identify problems and social challenges, create new products or services, and develop innovative and sustainable business models.

Startup Class will be at various locations in Berlin and you will be meeting other entrepreneurs and founders from the startup ecosystem.

Your takeaways

In these 2 weeks, you will have found solutions and build a prototype supporting people in need.

Social entrepreneurship

Working in an agile and entrepreneurial way are not just buzz words. Let's develop real solutions urgently needed right now.

Meet startup founders

Explore the Berlin startup ecosystem and meet interesting personalities. Team up with other skilled professionals.

Earn credits and skills

These skills will come in handy for your career and life. Startup Class participation and final presentation equal 3 ECTS points.

Healthcare in times of crisis

The so-called 'challenge' is the focus of your project during Startup Class. Identify a specific, tangible problem in the current healthcare crisis and discuss potential solutions, build a prototype with your team.
Experts and mentors from the healthcare sector will support you along this way. Let's find solutions for refugees and everybody working in the public and healthcare sector.

Send us your application

Due to the support of all the partners and public funding, Startup Class Winter 2022 is free of charge for you.

When you apply, make sure you have a Berlin residency and being an active student or alumn of any Berlin university (of applied sciences).

Seats are limited. Apply until March 8th!

Applications closed


By the end of the course, your team will have developed a prototype and tested a novel product or service.
Day 1
Challenge definition, team formation

Day 2
User-centered innovation: Research methodology and persona

Day 3
Prototyping your value proposition, digital apps

Day 4
Test methodology (build, measure, learn)

Day 5
User testing and insights

Day 6
Minimum viable product and user journey

Day 7
Circular economy and platform businesses

Day 8
Value mapping in the social and health sector

Day 9
Iterating the prototype, creating test scenarios

Day 10
Startup ecosystems and support networks

Let's explore the Berlin ecosystem!

Startup Class will take place at several locations allover Berlin. Get inspired by co-working spaces, startup founders and inspiring personalities.

All Startup Class venues require 2G. This means you have to wear an FFP2 mask and either be boostered (3x vaccinated) or tested for Covid-19.

Applications closed

Contact us

In case of any questions, feel free to write us a quick email.

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As Startup Class approaches, more and more partners will be added here.

Diakonie Deutschland
Berlin School of Economics and Law
Startup Incubator Berlin
EXIST Potentiale
European Social Fund

Coaches and mentors